Terms of Service

This page outlines the core principals which you must abide by while using this website. In the circumstances which this document uses the terms “We”, “OmJai.org” or “Us” outlines the owners, moderators and administrators which have created, developed and moderated this website.

In the Events that the terms “You” or “Users” arise in this document then you should clearly understand that this means the users browsing the website.
We DO NOT own any documents or videos on this website. All documents and videos found on our site are found freely available around the web on other sites. We make no guarantees or promises in our service and take no liability for actions of our users. We are not affiliated nor claim to be affiliated with any of the owners of the documents, videos or streams played on our site. All content may be copyright of their respective owners.

We urge all copyright owners to recognize that the contents for the links contained within this site are located or originated somewhere else on the web. The embedded links point to the location of the document or the video on the web. Please direct all copyright infringement issues to the web sites that host these files. If you still want to contact us, please email us at omjai at protonmail.com.

1. Liabilities

1.1 Although every care is taken in the preparation of the Website, you acknowledge that it is not technically possible to run the Website free of all faults, and we give no warranties as to the continued operation of the Website and accept no liability for any time the Website is not operational due to faults or maintenance.
1.2 You understand that the information supplied to us is by a third party and as such, we cannot take responsibility for the information. We fully appreciate the work of our third parties and take no credit for their efforts.
1.3 The material on the Website is designed to comply with the laws of India and we cannot be held responsible for any non-compliance with applicable local laws in any other jurisdiction.

2.1 The Website may contain hypertext links to websites operated by third parties. We do not have control of such websites and you therefore acknowledge that we have no responsibility or liability for their content.

3. Use of information

3.1 The information provided from this website is not owned by us. In this instance we cannot take responsibility for what you do with this information and may be re-distributed with consent of its original authors.