अन्धं तमः प्रविशन्ति येऽविद्यामुपासते । ततो भूय इव ते तमो य उ विद्यायाण् रताः ॥ andha.n tamaH pravishanti ye.avidyaamupaasate । tato bhuuya iva te tamo ya u vidyaayaaN rataaH ।। - They who follow rites (or rituals) alone enter into blinding darkness, and they, who are engaged in meditation (or knowledge) only verily fall, into an even greater darkness. In essence it means - performing rituals without understanding the true knowledge underneath; and engaging only in knowledge without performing the necessary action is ignorance. The right relationship between the rituals and knowledge is to be understood. ईशावास्य उपनिषद् । यजुर्वेद - Iishaavaasya UpaniShad, Yajur Veda

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Yamuna Ashtakam - 1 : - : Roman - English

Yamuna Ashtakam {1}

Yamuna Ashtakam {1}

{The octet on river Yamuna}
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

{River Yamuna is one of the major tributaries of river Ganges. Its waters are slightly coloured black. On its shores is Brindavan and Mathura, the places where Lord Krishna lived. It is supposed to originate from the Kalinda Mountain.}

Murari kaya kalima lalama vari dharini,
Thrunikrutha vishtapaa triloka soka harini,
Manonukoola koola kunja punja dhootha durmatha,
Dunothu may mano malam kalinda nandini sada. 1

Let the dirt in my mind be removed by the daughter of kalinda,
Who carries within her water of the colour of Lord Krishna,
Who has the fame of making heavenly pleasures as low as grass,
Who destroys the sorrows of the entire three worlds,
And who destroys the bad in bad people,
In the several small huts all along her shores.

Malapahari varipoora bhoorimandithamrutha,
Bhrusam prapathaka prapanchanadhipanditha nisa,
Sunanda nandananga sanga raga ranjitha hitha,
Dunothu may mano malam kalinda nandini sada. 2

Let the dirt in my mind be removed by the daughter of kalinda,
Who has mixed lot of nectar in her sin killing tide of water,
Who is decorated by water which destroys sins,
Who is capable of giving god like stature,
Who is greatest in destroying great sins,
Who is on all days and all moments moving without rest,
Who bears the reddish colour from the body of Krishna.
And who is the one who does what is liked.

Lasatharanga sanga dhootha bhootha jatha pathaka,
Naveena madhuri dhureena bhaktha chatha chathaka,
Thatantha vasa dasa sahamsa samsruthahnikaamadha,
Dunothu may mano malam kalinda nandini sada. 3

Let the dirt in my mind be removed by the daughter of kalinda,
Who destroys all sins of all beings by the touch of her moving tides,
Who has her Chathaka* like devotees waiting to drink her new happy nectar,
And who daily fulfills the wants of her swan like devotees living on her shore.
* A mythical bird which drinks rain and survives.

Vihara rasa khedha bheda dheera theera marutha,
Gathagirama gochare yadheeya neera charutha,
Pravaha sahacharya pootha medhini nadhee nadha,
Dunothu may mano malam kalinda nandini sada. 4

Let the dirt in my mind be removed by the daughter of kalinda,
Who has the breeze which removes the exertion,
Of Lord Krishna after his vigorous Rasa Kreeda,
Who has the flow of water which can not.
Possibly be described adequately by words,
And who makes the land through which she flows,
And the streams joining her greatly holy.

Tharanga sanga saikathanthareekam sada sitha,
Saranisakaramsu manju manjari sabhajitha,
Bhavardhana pracharunambu nadhuna visharadha,
Dunothu may mano malam kalinda nandini sada. 5

Let the dirt in my mind be removed by the daughter of kalinda,
Whose sand filled beaches are populated by several sages,
Who is being worshipped by the pretty flower like rays of the autumn moon,
And who has the sweet waters capable of destroying sorrow of life.

Jalantha keli kari charu radhikanga ragini,
Swabharthuranya durlabha gatham gathmsa bhagini,
Swadatha hastha suptha sindhu bedhanathi kovidha,
Dunothu may mano malam kalinda nandini sada. 6

Let the dirt in my mind be removed by the daughter of kalinda,
Who has the wash of the body of Radha interested in water sports,
Who cannot be approached by anybody except her husband,
Who has more water from the streams joining her,
Who is very capable of making the ocean,
Who is her sleeping husband into tumultuous action

Jalachithachyuth anga raga lambatali shalini,
Vilola radhika kuchantha champakali malini,
Sabhava gaha nava theerna bharthru bruthya narada,
Dunothu may mano malam kalinda nandini sada. 7

Let the dirt in my mind be removed by the daughter of kalinda,
Who drowns the bees who are attracted,
By the waters washing the body of Lord Krishna,
Who has the fallen champaka garland worn
By the tired Radha, decorating her hair,
And who gives salvation to gopas,
Who enter in to her to take bath.

Sadaiva nandanandakeli Sali kunja manjula,
Thatoththa phulla mallika kadambha renu soojwala,
Jalava gahinaam nrunaam bhavabdhi sindhu paradha,
Dunothu may mano malam kalinda nandini sada. 8

Let the dirt in my mind be removed by the daughter of kalinda,
Who has pretty banks full of small homes where Krishna plays,
Whose luster is increased by mixture of pollen
From open jasmine flowers from plants in her banks,
And who helps people taking a dip in her to get salvation.

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