"In the Bengâli alphabet no three letters are alike in sound except the three sibilants (Sa, sha, and sa), all meaning 'forbear,' 'forbear,' 'forbear.' This shows that even from our childhood we are made to learn forbearance in our very alphabets. The quality of forbearance is of the highest importance to every man." - Sri Ramakrishna

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The Aryabhatiya Of Aryabhata

Title: Aryabhatta Indian Mathematician Information
Duration: 1.20 min. | Views: 719
Category: Entertainment

Title: Mathematics and Adhyatma - Dr. C S Yogananda
Duration: 81.45 min. | Views: 619
Category: Education

Title: ElemMath 4 (K-6) Explained- The Hindu-Arabic number system
Duration: 42.27 min. | Views: 3684
Category: Education

Title: Brahmagupta - Wiki Article
Duration: 16.48 min. | Views: 11
Category: Education

Title: Aryabhata-The Indian Mathematical Genius
Duration: 5.83 min. | Views: 22242
Category: People

Title: Arithmetic progression - Wiki Article
Duration: 2.95 min. | Views: 9
Category: Education

Title: Aryabhata s Algorithm for the Square Root of an Integer
Duration: 0.27 min. | Views: 362
Category: Education

Videos : Miscellaneous : Ancient India

Videos : Miscellaneous

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