"In the Bengâli alphabet no three letters are alike in sound except the three sibilants (Sa, sha, and sa), all meaning 'forbear,' 'forbear,' 'forbear.' This shows that even from our childhood we are made to learn forbearance in our very alphabets. The quality of forbearance is of the highest importance to every man." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Surya Sahasranama : Prayer to सूर्य Surya (Sun) : Sanskrit - Roman

Surya Ashtakam

Surya Ashtakam
Duration: 4.38 min
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Category: Education

Surya Ashtakam
Duration: 4.82 min
Views: 7081
Category: People

Suryashtakam in Telugu Lyrics
Duration: 4.37 min
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Category: People

Surya Ashtakam ॐ
Duration: 4.40 min
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Surya Ashtakam
Duration: 3.65 min
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Category: Music

Surya Sthuti - Lord Surya
Duration: 7.47 min
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Surya Ashtak Mantras (Adidev Namastubhyam..) - with lyrics
Duration: 5.97 min
Views: 56726
Category: Music

Adidev Namastubhyam by Pandit Jasraj Surya Ashtakam Devanagari with English translations.wmv
Duration: 11.63 min
Views: 9003
Category: Music

Documents : Devotional : Navagraha

Documents : Devotional

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